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Things That You Need To Provide Your Exhibition Contractors

Your exhibition stand can help you stand out from the rest of the booths, especially if you are in a fair or in a space where your competitors are also present. Your exhibition contractors will be the ones responsible on making sure that this will happen.

But the contractors alone will not be able to make and create a standout exhibition piece without your help. You need to provide the following items to ensure that they will be able to creative an exhibition stand fit for your brand on time:

  • Company brief

Every exhibition stand company in Dubai requires their clients to submit a company and project brief. Why? So they can create a concept and design that is aligned to the company, the brand and the purpose. Without a proper company and project brief, the contractors will be working blind and you might get disappointed with the results. Prevent this from happening by submitting a proper brief upon initial meeting.

The brief should contain the following detail: brief information about the company, brand guide, mission and vision, and the unique selling point. On the technical side, you need to specify the scope and limitations such as the required height, dimension, and the space. This is to guide the contractors on the dimension and find a way to fabricate and install the exhibition the way you want it.


  • Raw materials for design

One of the problems that most exhibition contractors encounter is the lack of raw materials from the client. This can make any job harder than it already is and might also cause delay and dissatisfaction. Be sure to compile all the materials needed before the project starts. Put it on a single file or folder and save it on different devices so you will have extra copies just in case the ones you sent got corrupted.

Also, be sure that the photos are in high resolution and in proper format. Low-res photos cannot be used as it will pixelate once it is stretched or edited for bigger formats.


  • Pegs and references

Apart from the brief, you need to provide some references that the contractor can use. These pegs will visually give the contractors an idea on what you want for the design. If you are worried that they will just imitate the design, just stressed out that these are just pegs and should not be used as an actual reference for the exhibition stand.

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