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How To Market In Online Communities

Since the dawn of the internet, a lot of people has been engaged in community, trying to connect with other people who share the same passions and hobbies as theirs. In a matter of years, online communities grew and been called in different names. In the dawn of social media, it is called groups and communities.

Due to its ready-made audience and niche-centric nature, a number of digital marketers like to penetrate these online communities to promote their clients’ product and services. However, there is a right way of doing community and Facebook marketing. If this is your first time to do it, here are some tips from the experts:

  1. Participate in discussions

Once you are a member of the community, do not just be silent reader, politely introduce yourself and participate in discussions. Offering your opinion and knowledge about a certain concern is one way to introduce yourself to a group. Members would surely appreciate your opinion and shared knowledge, especially if it will help further their cause. Just be sure to write your opinions and post politely as not to offend other members.

  1. Contribute something of value

Apart from posting opinions and shared knowledge, you might want to level up your game by posting something that would be valuable to other users. It will definitely establish your status as a trusted member of the group. Just be cautious of what you post and share. Be sure that it is relevant and new. You might want to share a blog post or an article from your own website. It can be an additional referral traffic to your site. Just don’t be too hard sell on convincing others to check it out. Instead, create a convincing copy to convince members to check it out.

  1. Entertain questions

When you share something valuable, expect that there are members who will be asking you questions about what you shared. Be entertaining about their questions. Not only you will earn their respect, they will see you as a trusted source of information. Try to be as accommodating as possible and answer questions you know. If you don’t know the answer, be transparent and tell them that you don’t know the answer and you will get back to them once you are done researching.

  1. Convince community influencers

Once you are done establishing your presence, you can now ask some of the influencers to be your brand ambassadors. Ask them politely and do not force them to do it. A good way to do this is to let them try the product first and ask for their opinion about it.

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