5 Types Of Digital Cameras You Need To Have

When you hear the phrase “digital camera”, the first thing that comes to mind are cellphone cameras or DLSR. But there are different types of digital cameras that are available in the market today. If you are a camera enthusiasts, you might consider buying:

  • Dash cameras

Dash cameras are favorite accessories of vehicle owners. This is considered as an essential gear, especially if you are keen on promoting road safety. The usual feature of a Garmin dash cam is to record your trips for a certain period. But there are dash cams today that have the ability to connect it with mobile devices. Some also has the feature to alert drivers from collision and lane departure warnings.

  • 360 cameras

If you are interested on taking 3D photos or panoramic views, then a 360 camera should be part of your collection. A 360 camera has the ability to capture images from all angles in a single shot. It is upload in a software where all the images are pieced together to create a single, stunning photo. You can use a 360 VIRB camera to enhance your photography portfolio. It can also be used to take stunning vacation photos and capture images that cannot be taken by your usual digital camera.

  • Drones

Drone cameras are used to an equipment for military purposes. It is used for spying classified locations and take photos for surveillance. But it is also being used for commercial purposes today. Most modern-age filmmakers use drone to get a top-view shot of the location as it is more economical than using cranes. If you want to get a full top-view coverage, drone cameras are the perfect equipment for you.

  • Action cameras

Action cameras are popular amongst motorcycle and bicycle riders to record their trip, both for security and personal purposes. Most of these cameras are installed on helmets and are made of sturdy material to withstand collision and road accidents. But most vacationers and video bloggers are also into this kind of camera so they can capture their every move.

  • Compact cameras

If you still want to take photos the old-fashion way but don’t want to bring bulky DSLRs, then a compact camera should be part of your digital camera collection. There are compact cameras that have the same features as professional DSLRs but very easy and lightweight to carry. This is perfect for personal use and vacation trips.