Criteria A Credible Nanny Should Meet

A nanny is a big help to those who are in dire need of assistance at home. But you just don’t hire anybody that comes your way. You need to have a strict criteria to ensure that the person you will get is credible and capable enough to handle this kind of job.

If you are thinking of hiring a nanny for your family, these criteria might help gauge her attitude and capability:

  • Has a medical background


Nowadays, a lot of people are looking into hiring nannies from a credible home care in Abu Dhabi for many reasons. For one, having someone with knowledge and expertise in the medical field can help on assisting the sick and lessen hospital trips for minor illness. A nanny with a medical background can also help with facilitating first aid if necessary.


So if you are on the process of interview a number of potential nannies for your loved ones, do not forget to check their medical background. They should be knowledgeable enough to handle common cases of sickness at home and take care of sick loved ones.


  • Accommodating and flexible


It is imperative for a nanny to be warm and accommodating to people inside the room in order to get their trust. And if they are trusted, it can be easy for them to manage their ward at all times. Determining this characteristic is a bit trick. One thing that you can do to find out is to ask them about their experiences with the past jobs. How do they handle difficult individuals such as children and elders? You can determine with their answers if they have the temperament to handle such job.


  • Available at urgent moments


Hiring a full-time nanny is great, if you have the budget at sustain that kind of set up. But if you are low in cash but still need a nanny, there is a number of nanny agency in Dubai that offer short term nanny services to those who need it.


One thing that you need to check though is the availability. The agency must be able to provide you with a home care professional in times that you need them.


  • Values safety and security


An excellent nanny should know how to follow safety precautions you set at home to protect your loved one. With that, your potential nanny should do the same. If there are things that concerns with their wards’ security and safety, they should tell the concern person right away.


Also, with regards to safety, they should be trained to be alert in dealing with emergency situations.


  • Values confidentiality


Since you are hiring a stranger, you are compromising your security in a way. So be sure that you hire a nanny that values privacy and confidentiality. She should not divulge any confidential information about the patient or his family that would compromise their security.