Pros and Cons of a Bullet Proof Vehicle

High profile companies and individuals prefer to outfit their vehicles with bullet-resistant windows to boost safety, especially when faced with threat. The product offers maximum resistance to breakage, even though it resembles regular glass. It is typically fabricated from tempered, laminated, and polycarbonate thermoplastic glass that absorbs the impact from the blow of bats, axes, bullets, or any other object that can break the surface of glass. Here are a few advantages of travelling in bulletproof cars:

Discreet Protection

A lot of armored vehicles today are extremely discreet, giving the appearance of any regular production vehicle, so that even luxury cars can be fortified without altering their aesthetic appeal. However, they are strengthened with armored plates, enhanced suspension, and bulletproof glass for security purposes. These armored vehicles can remain disguised, while offering maximum protection to their drivers and passengers.

Strong armored solutions are the best way of providing the utmost protection, especially in hostile zones and military situations. These armored vehicles help you protect valuable assets, even when navigating through hostile territories and most dangerous places on earth. If you are looking for a vehicle that will keep you prepared for any eventuality and will perform well in any situation, an armored vehicle is your best choice. These cars are often equipped with advanced security measures, such as powerful engines, GPS to jack technology, run flat tires and more.

Escort in Safety

Protection services benefit greatly by using armored vehicles. Especially, if you escort high profile guests, military officers, celebrities, and high-level executives, acquiring armored vehicles, such as the Mercedes Benz armored cars, can show your clients that you take their safety seriously and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they are protected from harm. If you regularly need to escort clients or move money, this could be an extremely savvy investment that would make sure that you are always up for coping with even the absolute worst situations.

High Class Vehicle in the Fleet

You don’t need to revamp your entire fleet of cars; even one such vehicle will suffice. You never know when you may be needed to move assets for your company or play host to an important political figure. This extra line of security is worth every penny splurged, especially when you consider the alternatives involved when a worst-case scenario catches you unawares. These vehicles can help you prevent extreme financial difficulty, loss of life, and more.

However, there are a few downsides to these vehicles as well, as is common with all state-of-the-art innovations. The glass is not entirely impervious and will eventually break with repeated impact. Bullet-resistance glass is more difficult to size and cut, and is much more costly than regular glass.