Types Of Cctv Cameras

By now, you may have known a few basic things about some to the security systems you can use for security purposes. But, have you seen a security camera system up close? If you have not, chances are that you might need to know a lot about these systems. Firstly, contrary to what some falsely believes, a cctv system does not comprise of the same camera you see so often in smartphones and other commercial options these days. In fact, due to huge differences in dimensions and camera functionality, people often mistake them for an average, or even substandard camera, which is totally not the case. In fact, these cctv cameras are developed for special purposes and house some trademark features that you do not see in other commercial cameras. Here is more on the types of cctv Abu Dhabi cameras that are famous and offer a decent functionality:


So far, you may have only seen your Smartphone and commercial cameras battling in the megapixel arena. Well, you had better add another niche to your collection as cctv cameras also offer top-notch pixel count. In fact, some of these cameras offer even better resolution compared to ordinary cameras. Additionally, some cameras offer standard resolution ranging between 8-16 million colors but the screen they use has more pixels per inch. These results in crispier resolution and you end up seeing better, clearer picture on your monitor. Similarly, some screen resolutions offer fewer pixels but better lens resolution. Keep in mind that it is the pixel of your display device that counts and not the other way around. As a result, some pixels are sacrificed, as the screen does not have enough pixels to show the actual colors.

Marco Mode/ Night Vision

It is once known as the mythical feature among displays but no more. Today, you will find cctv cameras featuring both macro and night vision modes as standard. So much so that some of these cameras offer, equally crisp resolution during the nighttime as it churns out at daytime. Thanks to better lens manufacturing, resolution that is more complex processing and other proprietary features, cctv cameras of today are leap and bounds better than their vintage counterparts are. Lastly, they come with warranties so you should not worry about the performance becoming worse, as your camera is covered with conditional warranty for a limited time.

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