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Smart Patient’s Guide on Asking The Right Questions About Cosmetic Procedures

Some patients tend to get a little embarrassed on asking their surgeons anything about the procedure they are interested in. Instead, they just leave everything to the hands of their surgeon and feel betrayed afterwards if they did not understand something.

A smart patient always makes it a point to ask relevant queries to their surgeons. In fact, the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai appreciate patients who are not afraid to speak their minds and ask them questions about the procedure so they can clear the air and clarify certain aspects of the surgery that is confusing for their patients.


If you are soon going under the knife, these questions might be worth asking to your surgeon:


  • What is the operation all about?

Before agreeing into any procedure, it would be best if your surgeon can walk you through the treatments and the process. It is important for the patient to understand what they are walking into. They need to know the phases of the treatment and the risk involved. By knowing these information, the patient will be better prepared for the operation and the surgeon can manage their expectations, as opposed to not talking about it prior to the operation.


  • How much is the overall cost of the surgery?

Patients know that cosmetic surgery is not cheap, but they need to know the exact figures so they can prepare their wallets. It would be best to ask for a breakdown so you can better understand the expenses involve – from the pre to post operations. But patients should also make adjustments on the budget so they can cover urgent and unexpected expenses due to their surgery.


  • What are the preparations needed to be done before the surgery?

Patients should be thoroughly prepared before going under the knife, but some patients have no idea what kind of preparation they should do, especially when it concerns the surgery. Ask your surgeon for a prep list that you can follow. Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations to a letter. Your pre-operation preps play a main factor on the success of your surgery. If there is something that is bothering you regarding the preparation, do not hesitate to ask your surgeon.


  • How long is the recovery period?

Knowing how long the recovery period is essential so the patient to make adjustments to their schedule and also to inform people at work about their upcoming leave of absences. They can also subscribe for help like home care for their speedy recovery.

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