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Staying Cool When It Gets Too Hot

No matter how much you love warm days, bright summer days, when the thermometer hits 50 degrees Celsius, your summer experience may get a little extreme. Extreme heat followed by humidity can pose a challenge to maintaining the normal body temperature of 36.6 to 37 degrees, which the body regulates by sweating. Heart problems and heat stroke are extreme results of the situation, when the body cannot efficiently cool itself down by sweating.

This can be avoided by taking precautions and avoiding being under the sun, especially around noon. Symptoms of overheating can be various and include dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating rapid heartbeat, high body temperature, headache, seizures and hot dry skin.

The fastest way to alleviate heat exhaustion is to go to an air-conditioned or cooled indoor space where you can rest and drink a lot of fluids, avoiding sweet sodas and caffeinated drinks. Heat exposure is most challenging for vulnerable groups such as elders, infants, pregnant women or people with serious medical conditions. For some symptoms of heat exhaustion immediate medical help is needed.

Prevention is key to successfully surviving through the extreme heat of the summer season. First of all, avoid being exposed to direct sun and keep in the shades, wear light clothing made of natural materials such as cotton. If you are obliged to spend time outdoors, huge amount of water intake is recommended – up to 2 liters every couple of hours, and some extra salt intake with meals, as well as regular sleep. And of course, don’t forget the sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30+.


Spending springs and autumns in Dubai often means experiencing optimal temperature for human body – between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. While summertime temperatures reach up to 50 degrees, there are places that offer significantly lower temperatures.

Ski Dubai, also called “a mountain under a roof”, is a place with constant winter and seems to be one of the favorite cooling places for locals and tourists. This fabulous attraction introduces snow culture where it never existed, representing yet another Dubai wonder and fight with nature in and extraordinary way. It can host up to 7200 visitors per day and provide minus 2 degrees Celsius. If you can imagine combining medical instructions for avoiding heat exhaustion with little bit of skiing and fun in the snow and night swimming – extreme Dubai summer heats don’t seem that unbeatable.