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Things to know about pediatric dentists

Pediatric dentists hold a specialty in maintaining the oral health of children. These dedicated experts work with kids right from their infancy. Their work is to ensure that your child has healthy gums, teeth and mouth. For this, they receive advanced qualification and training. It is due to their qualifications and skills that they acquire the ability to diagnose and treat oral health issues in children.


What you need to know is that teeth emerge in children when they are about 6 months or so. By the age of 7, they tend to lose their first set of teeth, which are then replaced by adult or permanent teeth. A number of people out there believe that baby teeth do not require any care as such. To them, it is only important for permanent teeth to be taken care of. This notion is as wrong as it can be. This is because some of your child’s baby teeth will remain in his mouth till he is about 12 years of age. Having broken or damaged teeth in the first few years of his life can have a significant impact on his overall oral health.


If anything, even the most minor oral health issues should be checked by a pediatric dentist near Sports City right away. These professionals basically complete 4 years of dental school at first. Once graduated, they acquire advanced training for about two additional years. The training is focused on dentistry for infants, children and teens. On the whole, the basic focus of a pediatric dentist is to manage the oral health of children, right from infancy through to their teens.


The basic services provided by a pediatric dentist are inclusive of:


  • Counseling on thumb sucking and the utilization of pacifiers
  • Early assessments over bite and teeth position
  • Assessment of infant oral health issues and conducting regular examinations
  • Tooth defect repair and fillings
  • Management of oral health in children and treatment of several oral conditions


One thing that you should know about pediatric dentists is that apart from taking care of the oral health of children, they have the skills required to deal with them as well. The fact of the matter is that children have different emotional needs, and dealing with them requires a lot of understanding and patience. Not only will you a pediatric dentist look after your child’s oral health, he will take care of your child as well. They will even be able to help you get dental implants in Motor City if need be.