Public Transportation in Dubai

One of the determinants of how convenient it is to live in a city is public transport. The United States, for instance, doesn’t rank  high in this case. Only big cities like Washington DC and New York have metros and buses are not so common. Any city in Europe, on the other hand, has relatively good public transportation. Dubai is inclined toward Europe, that is to say, it has a good public transportation system. You don’t have to own a car in Dubai in order to move from A point to the B point. Do you want to learn more on this topic? Carry on reading.


I thought we should start talking about public transport with one of the most cultural means of transportation in Dubai. Abras are small buses that carry maximum 20 people, one ride costs AED2, which makes $0.1. Relatively cheap, but it takes you from one side of the Dubai Creek to another. So, I guess, it shouldn’t even be called public transport because it has just one route.


Buses are good options for getting around the city unless you are in a hurry. The buses in Dubai are of latest models, have comfortable seats and air conditioning. A bus ticket costs AED 4.1, which is a little more than a dollar. You can buy tickets from the vending machines located in bus stations.


The best option to not sit in traffic and move fast. The Dubai Metro operates 5.50 am to 11 pm on weekdays and a little later on weekend (remember that weekend in Dubai is Thursday and Saturday). The price of the ticket depends on the length of your ride but it will range between AED 1.8 to 5.6, which in USD is 0.4 – 1.5.  And again, relatively inexpensive.


Say, you are in a hurry and the metro is not anywhere close to your destination. What to do? Call a taxi! Ask anyone, who has lived or been to Dubai and they’ll tell you that taxis are the most convenient option. Similar to metro, you will pay based on the distance. There is a minimum charge but it will vary depending on the service that you are using. Estimated, it will take around $27 to go from one part of Dubai to another, on taxi.