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How to Save Money on a Yacht charter

With Dubai Yacht charter prices touching the skies, here are all the possible discounts on yacht charters that you can avail to save money:

Early Booking Discounts

While this discount depends on your destination and the operator you are dealing with, most charter companies offer discounts to patrons who book their charters early. Most charter companies like their books to get filled early, so that they can organize all the resources and assess demand accordingly. If you need a boost to plan your holidays well in advance, a potentially significant early-booking discount would entice you to book ahead since you would want to get the best boats and amenities for your money. If you want to grab the newer boats before they run out, book early to get the most sought-after boats at reasonable deals.

Long Term Discounts

Again, this depends on your chartering company, but generally the longer you are chartering a yacht for, the more discounts you are entitled to. For instance, a two-week charter attracts an extra 5% while you get a discount of 10% for a three-week charter. For charters lasting longer than three weeks, companies are often open to flexible negotiations.

Last-Minute Discounts

If you know where to look, these discounts are published monthly, since charter operators wouldn’t want to keep their valuable assets costing marina fees for nothing and tied up idle. Keep an eye out for these monthly deals and book as soon as you stumble upon a good deal falling within your vacation dates.

Promotional discounts before Peak Seasons

Since charter companies want their boats to be booked well in advance, they often offer promotional discounts if you book before a certain given date. Keep yourself informed of current specials and try to glean a good deal for your money.

Promotional Discounts during Season

During peak chartering seasons, operators who are left with surplus capacity often find no other way than to make special offers to entice sailors. Even if the deals are not publicly advertised, you can ask your broker to keep you informed of operators who are short on bookings and operators who have un-booked yachts left at any given time.

Repeat Client Discounts

If an operator you had previously booked with is in the vicinity of your destination at any given time, they might be offering to cut you a slack in the billing. If they have empty slots left in their fleet and are willing to offer a repeat client discount, you should secure it before they move on. Go to website to know all about chartering discounts and promotions.