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Visa Application Expectations First Time Applicants Should Know

For first-timers, visa application can be a headache, especially if you are not familiar with the process. Some experienced travelers also experienced visa application nightmares. For some, even the thought of going through the arduous process make them abandon the quest in the middle of processing.

If you are a newbie applying for a visa, you need to set your expectations to avoid getting disappointed while you are in a process:

  • Visa application is different based on location

Yes, visa application is different and varies on the location. A visa for UK from Abu Dhabi is a whole lot different from other countries. There is no one-for-all visa application. And the worse news is, they are also broken down to different categories and visa types. This would mean that there are different set of requirements per country and per location. So before you go for any visa processing, it would be best to thoroughly research the visa requirements of a specific country and which category you fall into. This would save you the hassle of getting and processing the wrong papers.


  • It can take forever

Yes, visa processing takes time. There are some locations that are quite strict with their requirements that they allot time to verify the documents you submitted. This holds true, especially for immigration visas. So when you are creating a timetable, ask the agency or the consultant about the processing time and approval. Not having a definite time to expect a result would drive you mad. At least, having the time element can help you plot out everything.


  • There will be lots of papers to process

As mentioned, there are different processes for different visa types. And same goes for the documents that needs to be submitted. On the onset of the application, it would be best to know what these papers are. If you are applying for a business immigration to Canada , you might need to ask for a document checklist. Yes, there will be tons of papers that you need to collate, but be patient with it. Take time to gather the requirements and process papers that you don’t have with you at the moment. Ask for help from immigration firms and consultants if the paper processing is too overwhelming to bear for you.


  • There will be times that you will be denied

Although there are countries that are quite lenient with visa applications, there are times or instances that they denied application. But do not b disheartened. If you are willing to pursue the application, know what remedy you should need to do to get your visa approved.